Cathodic protection design and consulting
Anode testing services

Anode testing services from our team of NACE- certified corrosion experts and engineers.

Deepwater now offers electrochemical testing to ensure your anodes are composed of the correct balance of crucial alloys. All testing is conducted by experienced personnel and is overseen by corrosion specialists.

Ambient or cold-water testing is available to meet any international test protocol including NACE, DNV and JCS. Testing is also available for galvanic efficiency and potential. Anode performance under various operational conditions can be simulated in our laboratory.

Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc. is a recognized leader in the field of offshore and marine cathodic-protection systems. We are unbiased, competent third-party testers and inspectors. For a second opinion on any corrosion problem, look to our team.

• Competitive rates
• All testing is overseen by corrosion specialists
• Unparalleled experience
• Houston, London, Malaysia branches

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Quality Assurance of Aluminum Sacrificial Anodes (Paper)

Abstract: As greater emphasis is placed on quality assuranceand quality control within the oil and gas industry, the demand for quality aluminum anodes has risen. Deep-water projects and the rising cost of maintenance have created more third-party inspection work and better defined quality-test procedures for anode foundries.

Improvements in Offshore Pipeline CP & Life Extension (Paper)

(2006) by J N Britton (from Corrosion2006) Abstract: New deep-water discoveries, combined with current high energy prices, have given much of the world's aging offshore infrastructure a new lease on life. Offshore pipelines in particular are at the highest risk of catastrophic external corrosion failure ...

Offshore Cathodic Protection System Management (Paper)

(2004) by J N Britton Abstract: As offshore structures around the world are aging, and in many cases reaching the end of their useful lives, operators are looking for ways to reduce costs on subsea maintenance without increasing risk of failure. This paper presents three case histories ...



Cathodic protection design and engineering

Deepwater has a N.A.C.E.- certified team that designs and engineers all types of cathodic-protection systems. Many of these designs have evolved from standard Deepwater products which can be cost-effectively tailored to meet the needs of any type of infrastructure asset.

Feasibility studies, auditing and corrosion consultancy

Our staff has extensive experience in auditing assets, providing corrosion control and cathodic protection solutions for any situation. In addition to concept, FEED, detailed design and modeling, we also provide third-party review services, failure analysis and anode testing.

Inspection, monitoring and survey

Deepwater can cover all corrosion inspections, including topside and submerged surveys. We manufacture monitoring equipment including probes for topside and subsea potential measurement. Our staff is well-trained, possessing extensive on-site experience with all types of equipment and real-time data interpretation.