Cathodic protection
For deep-water production equipment

Deepwater has been a pioneer in corrosion control for deep-water production systems since 1986.

Engineers from Deepwater were directly involved in early test programs that set the standard for cathodic protection in water depths of over 300 meters, and many of the products we have developed since then stand alone as one-of-a-kind solutions for deep-water cathodic protection and monitoring.

A focus area for research and development - Asset integrity management for deep-water assets is still one of our chief development areas. Deepwater has kept pace with rapid, ongoing improvements in production technologies with retrofittable anode systems and ROV-installable RetroClamps that connect anodes and monitoring instruments to most types of production equipment. Diode-controlled anode pods currently in development will allow operators to place one anode array and control the amounts of cathodic protection current it delivers to each of any number of nearby assets.

"Smart" cathodic protection with monitoring - The nature of inspecting deep-water assets has led to increased demand for monitoring setups along with cathodic protection systems. To address this need and take advantage of the opportunity to install only once, we offer "Smart" versions of the Pod and Clamp. These ROV-installable systems provide CP anodes with on-board monitoring. The SunStation readout and any number of strategically-placed Polatrak reference electrodes can provide monitoring data for up to 25 years. ROV lights provide enough power to trigger solar panels and illuminate the LED readout, making this solution ideal for deep water applications where battery life and inspection cycles can prove prohibitive.

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Cathodic protection products for deep water


RetroPod Sacrificial Anode Retrofit System

For sacrificial retrofits, the RetroPod system provides aluminum anodes arranged in stable, self-contained 'pods' resting on the seabed. One RetroPod can protect several christmas trees or subsea wellheads when placed in close proximity to grouped assets.


RetroClamp Subsea Clamping System for Pipelines and Tubulars

A versatile component, the RetroClamp allows divers or ROVs to attach cathodic protection anodes to a platform quickly and reliably. The RetroClamp is a standard, off-the-shelf item manufactured in-house at Deepwater for any standard or custom-diameter tubular members.


With built-in monitoring, is a modified version of our well-proven RetroPod™ system using four platform anodes arranged in a pod. Up to three SunStation monitors provide cathodic protection monitoring data from one-to-three reference electrodes.


A convenient test station, the SmartClamp is a standard RetroClamp equipped with a reference electrode and a SunStation monitor. Designed as a cathodic-protection test station for a subsea pipeline, the SmartClamp can be installed on any tubular member or pipeline and read by ROV.